Nightshade Deja Vu Mini Coven in Nerium Yardage

Nightshade Deja Vu Mini Coven in Nerium Yardage

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Pre-Order coming July/August 2023


Nightshade is the newest installment in my annually released “Deja Vu” collection. The Deja Vu category is my way of giving people a new shot at an old collection that they might have missed. I create a brand-new color variation of the original artwork and re-release that variation for new fans and old ones. By issuing the collection in a new color it maintains the value of the original print run by creating a clear distinction between the new re-issue and the original printing. The new version brings with it 10+ years of my own growth and color explorations hopefully giving you something that is even better than the earlier versions!


Fabric is currently sold in 1-yard increments.  

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